Ana Manrique-Rubin

Immigration Paralegal Specialist

Mrs. Manrique-Rubin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies at the Universidad de Medellin, Colombia; and further specialization in a Master of Family Law at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia.  Mrs. Manrique-Rubin is our highly skilled and experienced U.S. immigration paralegal providing legal assistance to clients' under the guidance of the firm's Director, attorney Monica Gonzalez.  Mrs. Manrique-Rubin has concentrated her focus on immigration issues such as investor visas, work visas, family petitions, waivers, asylum and Citizenship applications. Having received a law degree in Colombia, Mrs. Manrique serves as liaison between the firm's divisions in Colombia and other South American countries and the USA.  Mrs. Manrique-Rubin was born in Colombia and resides now in Florida.  She is fluent in Spanish and English. 

Luz Skonberg

Legal Services Coordinator

Mrs. Skonberg earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Management and Administration and Hospitality from Corporacion Universitaria de la Costa, in Colombia; and further specialization with a Masters in International Business.  She has also undertaking other several advanced degrees.  Mrs. Skonberg has vast experience in business development, strategic planning and negotiations, having worked as Director of Client Consulting at Ultramar Travel in New York City for over 16 years.  Mrs. Skonberg serves as client liaison providing unsurpassed level of support in understanding their needs vis-a-vis the firm's areas of practice.  Mrs. Skonberg works closely with the firm's Director, attorney Monica Gonzalez, in ensuring clients' satisfaction in the firm's New York, Florida and international offices.  Mrs. Skonberg was born in Colombia, but has resided in New York City and Florida for most of her life.  Mrs. Skonberg is fluent in English and Spanish.